A rising tide lifts all boats

– John F. Kennedy


Costume Professionals for Wage Equity

We are a group of professional designers, makers, and managers who want to see a more diverse and equitable theatrical arts industry.


We believe that the design, construction, and care of costumes is skilled and necessary labor worthy of fair compensation.


We believe that the current practice of allocating less staff, resources, and compensation to the costume department is a hold-over attitude that views garment construction and its related tasks as “women’s work.”


We believe that employers should be held accountable for poor labor practices regardless of their non-profit status or artistic merit.


We believe that low wages are a major contributor to the current diversity problem in the arts. Success should not be restricted to those who can afford to subsidize arts organizations with their labor.


We believe that through partnerships with arts administrators we can create meaningful strategies for an equitable and sustainable future. 


We believe that better conditions for costume professionals will lead to a better collaborative environment for all. A rising tide lifts all boats.